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Shots of a planet… airport… Friday – the end of a school week. Tired and hungry, – boy, named Okimoto Kaito, keeps walking down the street and remembers that his mother asked him to give a parcel to a person who knows about his birthday. After shouting “Today is my birthday!?”, Kaito gets a proper slap, finally reaches the pier and sees a Captain of a huge cargo ship who has no idea how he got to Japan and worst of all, has no idea how to stop his ship from smashing the pier to atoms.

Our story begins from the evening of Friday – last day of a school week and last ordinary day of the boy who dared to forget about his birthday. Will Kaito be able to come back home after witnessing one of the strangest incidents for the last 16 years of his life? Or will this appear to be just a dream? Let`s see!


About Writer

Daria Borovaia, writing under a pen name DS – is a 24-year old Russian writer, script-writer for the first pilot episode named “Welcome to Japan” and the creator of Last People of the Planet.

Daria was born in Perm, Russia. After completing 11 years of schooling, at the age of 18 years old, she went to study in Australia and then, after finishing her studies, returned back home to make the most important choice in her life: The choice between building a career of one of the most respected life-coaches presenting to the world “Basic System of Education” or building a career of one of the most powerful script-writers with simply stronger desire to…

“- Shock the whole world; to share what makes my soul exist forever”.

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